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Your "uomini universali" with detailed know-how…

Anyone who thinks that "global success" means the same thing as "world famous" is fooling himself, at least in our case. After nearly 40 years in the business, you would be hard-pressed to find a passer-by on the streets of ditec's home base in Kitzingen am Main who knows that one of the world's most accomplished manufacturers of expansion joints operates its factory here.

No wonder, because although the applications of our products are familiar to everyone –
this is not the case for the products themselves. You see, the products are generally integrated seamlessly into the building as part of our customers' construction works: as important – indeed, even vitally important – elements of their safety features. In this sense, we view ourselves as a natural part of a whole.

We are down-to- earth service providers and innovative developers supporting our customers' success: We think ahead on their behalf and develop our expansion joints exactly to their individual needs in terms of length, diameter, material composition and quality – to ensure precise fit, including under extreme operating conditions and for the most challenging pumped media.

In order to be able to provide this absolute precision for the specific application in question, we continue to manufacture by hand, as we have always done. In small series or as custom products. From the hands of valued experts who know what they are doing and exactly what this component needs to accomplish in your application.

Describe your application, and we will provide you with exactly the component or the solution that is needed. No more and no less.

This saves you a great deal of time and expense: instead of endless catalogue price lists, we provide you with a precise calculation of the product that suits your needs as well as in-depth personal advisory and support services by professionals who speak your language.

Challenge us: 80 masters of expansion joint construction look forward to supporting you in your project with their extensive know-how and full commitment to your global success.

We are manufacturers. Made in Germany

In the professional field in Europe, the United States, South America, Russia and large parts of the Arab world, ditec has come to be synonymous with the highest "made in Germany" quality – true virtuosi of expansion joint construction.

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Renewal of certificate PED 97/23/EC

In order to sustainably enhance our quality, we regularly undergo numerous internal durability tests, laboratory investigations and tests conducted by independent materials testing institutes.

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We are problem solvers 

We specialise in difficult cases, and even cases thought impossible: unusual building gaps where no standard dimension will fit, or applications with strict pressure requirements, including large dimensions. We resolve challenges with special requirements. read more

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