The ditec team -

The "heads, hearts and hands" of our shared success

Over the past two decades, the number of employees at ditec has more than tripled. At 80 people, we are still a relatively small team if you consider the tremendous sales growth and geographic expansion of our customer base:

the family work atmosphere remains as pleasant as ever, as do the collaborative team spirit and the almost non-existent rate of employee turnover. Most of us have been working at ditec for years, some since the company's infancy.

The strong team spirit is naturally reflected in the high quality and reliability of our products: at our company, everyone gives their all, and the willingness to support one another mutually in all stages of production is reflected daily in an atmosphere of almost magical teamwork.

Without smoothly flowing side-by-side work, a real handicraft factory like ours would be inconceivable. Not only are at least four hands needed simultaneously for the precision moulds used to make various kinds of rubber foils and fabric layers on models measuring several meters in diameter, but nearly all activities at our company require several "heads" and skill sets operating in tandem.

Every link in our supply chain – from taking over the material "rubber compounds" to closing the hand-constructed delivery crates – knows how important his work is to the work of the next colleague down the line. Things run just as smoothly in order taking, costing and project management – both internally and in their seamless interplay with all the production stations.

We all know each other here, and we know what everybody is working on. And everyone is seen for what they are, namely a human being with a particular background, and his or her very own wishes and needs.

With his personal passion for his work and unique role in the greater whole – a committed and successful team of the masters of their craft.

We are manufacturers. Made in Germany

In the professional field in Europe, the United States, South America, Russia and large parts of the Arab world, ditec has come to be synonymous with the highest "made in Germany" quality – true virtuosi of expansion joint construction.

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Renewal of certificate PED 97/23/EC

In order to sustainably enhance our quality, we regularly undergo numerous internal durability tests, laboratory investigations and tests conducted by independent materials testing institutes.

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We are problem solvers 

We specialise in difficult cases, and even cases thought impossible: unusual building gaps where no standard dimension will fit, or applications with strict pressure requirements, including large dimensions. We resolve challenges with special requirements. read more

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