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Highest quality at the cutting edge of development

In the age of globalisation, many developments whose only objective is to maximise profits are now taken for granted. Foremost among these is international outsourcing of mass production and the use of cheap labour in order to save on costs. Neither of these trends applies to us, as we do not produce in bulk or at the expense of the compensation received by those whose know-how and commitment cement our joint success on a daily basis.

Of course, we cannot deny that we actively participate in globalisation inasmuch as we maintain numerous agency relationships and partnerships internationally. With an export share of approximately 45% at present, we deliver products all over the globe, and our rubber expansion joints in particular enjoy high-end status globally due to their quality and innovative design.

But where we have remained uncompromisingly "old school" is in the local origin of our products, in the very best economic sense: As we have always done, we continue to produce 100% of our expansion joints where they were developed: at our production facilities in Kitzingen.
As a family enterprise.

The floorspace of 17,600 square metres houses the entire workflow from personalised order-taking all the way to packaging – including in-house model construction, in-house calendar plants and in-house vulcanisation facilities. A directly adjacent metalworking company handles the manufacturing of steel expansion joint accessories. A directly adjacent metalworking company is also available to handle our manufacturing needs for steel expansion joint accessories.

The benefit: We are able to make all the essential components in-house and are therefore as independent of vendors as possible, meaning that we can also assure prompt, reliable handling of even your most urgent orders.

Our employees in particular, with their skills and experience, ensure the smooth functioning of our integrated management system and compliance with a consistent high level of quality.

The extensive know-how that has been accumulated and refined in this way at our company for 40 years only leaves our premises in the form of finished goods and the accompanying customer service.

Our comprehensive customer service includes, in addition to on-site measurements, the complete engineering process, installation and installation monitoring, acceptance of newly installed expansion joints, as well as regular inspections of the expansion joints at your facility.

This is what made in Germany means to us: We produce products where we are constantly in a position to draw on the entire body of technical expertise that only continues to develop with every unique customer challenge.

Our promise is the highest quality, and we keep it. With a focus on the big picture and ditec's characteristic flair for detail, which can only be transmitted across projects and generations in unadulterated form at the site of their origination.

Our customers have been benefiting from this since 1973 -
and will continue to do so in the future.

We are manufacturers. Made in Germany

In the professional field in Europe, the United States, South America, Russia and large parts of the Arab world, ditec has come to be synonymous with the highest "made in Germany" quality – true virtuosi of expansion joint construction.

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Renewal of certificate PED 97/23/EC

In order to sustainably enhance our quality, we regularly undergo numerous internal durability tests, laboratory investigations and tests conducted by independent materials testing institutes.

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We are problem solvers 

We specialise in difficult cases, and even cases thought impossible: unusual building gaps where no standard dimension will fit, or applications with strict pressure requirements, including large dimensions. We resolve challenges with special requirements. read more

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