proven quality with a textile fit

Then as now, we customise these products using traditional handicraft methods – layer by layer, with the arrangement tailored to the specific requirements of the application. In addition to the exact connection geometry, we need information about the pumped fluid, temperature, pressure and the required movement.

For application temperatures of up to 1200°C and pressures of up to 300 mbar, fabric expansion joints are able, depending on the type, to accommodate large movements in the axial, lateral and angular directions. The movements to be accommodated determine the construction type and the installation gaps to be used for the expansion joint.

Our production spectrum comprises

We are manufacturers. Made in Germany

In the professional field in Europe, the United States, South America, Russia and large parts of the Arab world, ditec has come to be synonymous with the highest "made in Germany" quality – true virtuosi of expansion joint construction.

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Renewal of certificate PED 97/23/EC

In order to sustainably enhance our quality, we regularly undergo numerous internal durability tests, laboratory investigations and tests conducted by independent materials testing institutes.

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We are problem solvers 

We specialise in difficult cases, and even cases thought impossible: unusual building gaps where no standard dimension will fit, or applications with strict pressure requirements, including large dimensions. We resolve challenges with special requirements. read more

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