Flange Fixing Technology

Mating flange with raised face or recess

The fixing of the expansion joint needs to be performed in keeping with specific rules in order to assure reliable sealing of the flange connection. Ideally full face rubber flanges shall be clamped to flat face pipe flanges.

It is essentially required that any recess or raised face of pipe flanges must be equalized in order to avoid damaging of the rubber flange surface. If the recess or raised face is specified in advance ditec can offer to integrate the negative of the recess or raised face into the rubber flange. Then no extra measurements such as separate steel plates or additional rubber gaskets to flatten the surface need to be taken onsite.

Flange Fixing Illustrations

Backing flange construction

The backing flanges are designed as flat press-on flanges with or without support collars. The manufacturing process is economical for very large diameters also. For transport reasons, the backing flanges can also be delivered in a split construction. Hereto special measurements such as cutting through the holes or end plates to connect the backing flange parts to form an integral flange on-site need to be taken.