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Expansion joints require proper storage, handling and installation procedures for optimal long-term performance. It is crucial that the pipe system runs smoothly without the risk of unexpected, problematic and costly shutdowns. To achieve a trouble free and reliable operation, all of the components of the system including the expansion joints must be well managed. ditec is proud to offer on-site supervised plant surveys and inspections in addition to troubleshooting training and expedited replacements.

Our comprehensive field services include:

  • Site visits
  • Dimensional verification
  • Visual and physical inspections
  • Installation and installation supervision
  • Offset measurements for custom rubber expansion joint fabrication
  • Troubleshooting and quick-turn expansion joint replacement
  • Service life expectancy and operating condition evaluations
  • Product Recommendations and engineering service

Repair of the existing expansion joint unit is often more effective than buying a completely new unit. For example, replacement of wearing parts such as the rubber bellow in an expansion joint unit can be the most efficient solution that ensures both cost savings and an extended service life.

We also service expansion joints that were not of our original manufacture. Knowing the backing flange dimensions of the installed unit our extremely flexible production is able to manufacture the rubber bellow accordingly so that they can be reused.

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Any services are performed by our service and engineering team or by trained representatives based in almost all European countries as well as in many non-European countries. This way you receive competent advice with a guaranteed fast response time.

The team has experience in all industries and has attended several additional safety courses such as SCC, so they can easily meet all safety requirements demanded by customers.

Our engineers and installers are also authorized to enter Nuclear Power Plants and can carry out on-site planning and installation work inside of the containments.