Protective Shield Covers

  • Protective Shield Covers
  • Ground Protective Shield
  • Protective Shield or Cover
  • Fire Protective Cover

Extreme external influences require that the expansion joints be protected by special measures. Appropriate protective covers have been developed to this end: Ground Protective Shield, UV Protective Shield or Cover, Fire and Splash Protective Cover. 

These types of shields/covers, when manufactured from metal, have one end which is bolted to or clamped to the mating pipe flange. The other end is free, designed to handle the movements of the expansion joint.

Caution: Fabric covers have some insulating properties. It is not recommended to insulate over elastomeric expansion joints. Because temperature containment can accelerate the aging of the rubber and makes required inspections difficult.

A protective shield of metal is required when an expansion joint is installed underground. It protects against damage to bellows, dirt and earth pressure. 

Based on specified loads strength and static calculations define the thickness of the shield as well as numbers and dimensioning of the stiffeners. Made from galvanized / paint coated carbon or stainless steel, in two or more parts, affixes to the medium pipe with an integrated clamp.

Protective covers should be used on expansion joints that carry high temperature, corrosive media or to prevent from exterior damage such as extreme solar radiation or weather effects, mechanical impacts or chemicals. 

This cover will also protect personnel or adjacent equipment in the event of leakage or splash. Metal shields do not enclose the expansion joint and still allow ventilation while wrap around protective covers of impregnated fiberglass fully shield the expansion joint. Protective shields from metal are made from galvanized / paint coated sheets, with two or more parts, multiple one-sided attachment on the circumference.

Fire covers, designed oversize, are multilayer blankets made from coated glass fiber fabric and insulating layers. Protects against the effects of flame up to 800 °C for a duration of 30 minutes. Used in ships and for fire water supply lines in buildings.