Pipeline Planning

  • Pipeline Planning
  • Combined Movement Calculation

The selection and application of expansion joints plays a significant role in system performance, quality and reliability. 

Leveraging our extensive industry experience since 1973, ditec uses a systematic approach to finding the optimal solutions for any piping system. We apply the most sophisticated analysis and calculation software tools such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA), 3D Modelling and CAD to select the most appropriate expansion joint to fit into the corresponding pipeline system.

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Expansion joints take over axial, lateral  and angular movements as a result of thermal changes in pipeline length, prevent the transfer of mechanical vibrations from machines, apparatus or pumps on the connected pipeline and compensate for stresses or assembly imprecision.

The potential axial, lateral and angular movements are specified for the respective expansion joint systems. The combination of two or more movements is expressed as the resultant movement. To calculate combined axial movement and lateral displacement, the values drop.

Combined Movement Calculation