Our comprehensive customer service includes, in addition to on-site measurements, the complete engineering process, manufacture at our Kitzingen factory in Germany, installation or installation monitoring, the acceptance of newly installed expansion joints, as well as regular inspections of the expansion joints at your facility. As accessories for all expansion joint types, we are able to deliver backing flanges, clamp bars, support rings, flow liners or installation-ready units from our own production line.

For complete installation or for closing the expansion joint at the installation location, we have a factory installation crew and installation supervisor with many years of installation experience as well as extensive expansion joint training.

  • Accessibility of installation location
    When planning new facilities, the accessibility of the installation location should be taken into account with regard to the installation of the expansion joint, especially if welded flow liners or duct lining require that expansion joints be delivered with an installation seam, and this seam can only be closed on site.
  • External influences
    If the expansion joints are installed in the open, we recommend using protective coverings against external influences such as rain, snow, ozone or UV radiation. These are also contact protection as well as avoid external mechanical damage. Protective covers prevent the expansion joint from convecting freely in the event of high ambient temperatures combined with high media temperatures. In this case, special materials for the sealer and external layers, as well as forced air circulation or radiation protection shields, protect the expansion joint from overheating.